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Companies and Products

The following links are intended as a helpful resource and not as an endorsement or any company of product. This list is not all-inclusive. Instead, it is a list of products and companies that are commonly discussed in our support group.

Enteral and Parenteral Infusion Pumps, Bags, etc.

Cardinal Health: Kangaroo Enteral Feeding,, Kangaroo and Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding pumps, tubes, extensions, gravity bags, etc.

Eitan Medical Sapphire,

Moog Medical,, manufacturers of Curlin infusion therapy pumps and Infinity Enteral Feeding pumps.

Enteral products and g-tube and j-tube care

AMT Enteral Products,, manufacturer of G-JET G-J button, MiniOne Low Profile Gastrostomy Tubes. AMT extensions and Mic-KEY extensions are cross compatible. AMT devices glow in the dark for easier nighttime access. Accessories include clamp designed to reduce Christmas Tree/Stepped tube connections.

Benik G-Tube Protective Belt,, neoprene g-tube belt wrap.

Bolee Blenderized Feeding System,, enfit compatible feeding bags, adapters and accessories for blenderized diets.

Cardinal Health EnClean Brush,, brush designed to clean the internal threads of En-Fit syringes and extensions.

Farrell Valve System,, closed bag system design that allows for gastric decompression during feeding.

Medidose En-Fit Compatible Pharmacy Caps,, en-fit compatible caps for medication bottles.

Medline Enteral Feeding Connectors,, Extension sets, syringes, adapters,

Mic-KEY Low-Profile Feeding Tubes,, leading brand in low-profile feeding tubes.

TubeFed by Avanos, Guide to tube feeding by Avanos, the makers of Mic-Key buttons


Tummy Tunnels,, Iron on patches to adapt clothing for g-tubes.

Vesco Mecical En-Fit Medicine Bottle Adapters,, bottle insert caps compatible with en-fit syringes

Infusion products and central line care

Aquaguard Moisture Barriers,, single use moisture barriers designed to protect central line dressings, surgical sites, etc. from moisture during showers.

Biopatch Protective Disk,, Chlorohexidine (CHG) impregnated disks to be placed around central line insertion site under dressing to reduce the risk of infection.

CareAline Central Line Wrap,, tubular central line protective chest wrap.

Curos Caps, Disinfecting protective caps for needleless connectors have a built in disinfecting sponge.

DualCap Disinfectant and Protectant System, disinfectant cap with a built in disinfecting sponge designed to clean and protect male and female leur connectors when not in use.

Grip-Lok securement device, an adhesive device that adheres to the skin and uses a hook and loop fastener to help secure IVs and catheters to prevent pulling.

Gus Gear, vests designed to protect tunneled central lines such as broviac, hickman, mediport, powerline, and hickman for children and adults.

Parafilm,, a semi-transparent flexible film typically used to seal lab vessels that can be used to help secure and protect connections from contamination.

Site Scrub IPA Devices,, designed to scrub and sterilize infusion connections.

StatLock Stabilization Device, Adhesive device that helps hold catheter skin to prevent pulling.

Vygon Lectro-Spiral, spiral extension tubing for IV infusion sets

Care + Wear Adaptive Clothing,, PICC covers, port access shirts, PICC shower covers, infant bodysuits

Nutrition, Formulas, and Hydration Products

Ceralyte,, Oral Rehydration Solution

DripDrop, Oral Rehydration Solution

Elecare,, amino acid based hypoallergenic formula

Kate Farms,, organic, plant-based formulas including peptide formulas.

Living Hope and Nourish, by Functional Formularies, whole-food formulas for tube-feeding.

Neocate, amino acid based hypoallergenic formula

Pediasure Peptide, Peptide based formulas for pediatric GI disorders.

Ostomy Supplies

Convatec,, Convatec Ostomy Supplies

Coloplast,, Coloplast Ostomy Supplies

Hollister,, Hollister Ostomy Supplies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Gattex (teduglutide),, medication for adult and pediatric short bowel syndrome patients who are dependent on parenteral nutrition that stimulates intestinal adaptation.

Fresenius Kabi,, Manufacturers of SMOF and Omegaven, alternative intravenous lipid emulsions.

Skin Care/Diaper Rash Products

Calazime Skin Protectant Paste,, high zinc oxide cream with olivamine (calamine) for a high grade skin barrier with other healing properties

Cavilon Skin Care Products, best known for their clear no sting barrier film, however the Cavilon line also includes barrier creams, antifungal creams, and skin cleanser.

Calmoseptine Ointment, heavy duty skin protectant known for its healing and antimicrobial properties, containing zinc, menthol and calamine.

Coloplast Skin Care ProductsBaza, Criticaid and Sween Skin Care products, including antifungals., perineal cleasers, bedside cleansers.

Ilex Skin Protectant,, Modified white petrolatum, forms a thick paste designed for severe skin damage.

Lantiseptic,, high lanolin skin protectant repels moisture.

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant, a medical grade glue that bonds to skin to create a barrier.

Medline Skin Protectant Products, a broad selection of skin protectant products including Remedy, Sensi-Care, Aloe Vesta, and Soothe & Cool. Also includes buying options for most major brands.

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