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Abbreviations and Acronyms

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abx antibiotics

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

ALT & AST Alanine transaminase and aspertate aminotransferase, liver enzymes

AMA against medical advice

ampho amphotericin-B, an antifungal

ASTaspartate aminotransferase test, antibiotic susceptibility testing


BID twice a day

Bili bilirubin

BMP basic metabolic panel, a blood test

BN batch number

BP blood pressure

BUN blood urea nitrogen, a blood test to monitor kidneys and hydration


Ca calcium

cc cubic centimeter (equivalent to a milliliter)

CDC Center for Disease Control

C.Diff Clostridium difficile bacteria

CICC centrally inserted central catheter

CIPO chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

CLABSI central line-associated bloodstream infection

CBC complete blood count, a blood test

CHG or CHX chlorhexadine

CICC centrally inserted venous catheter

cm centimeter

CMP comprehensive metabolic panelc a blood test

CMV cytomegalovirus

CO2 carbon dioxide

COTA Children's Organ Transplant Association

Cr creatinine

CRBSI catheter-related bloodstream infection

CPS Child Protective Services

CRP C-reactive protein

CRS cather-related sheaths

CT computerized tomography

Cu copper

CVAD central venous access device

CVC central venous catheter

CVL central venous line

CVS cyclic vomiting syndrome


D5 5% dextrose solution

D10 10% dextrose solution

D/C discharge, discontinue

D-La D-lactic acidosis

DME durable medical equipment, or equipment provider

DOB date of birth

DVT deep vein thrombosis

Dx diagnosis, diagnosed


EBV Epstien-Barr virus

ED emergency department

EDTA etheylenediaminetetraacetic acid, a chelating agent

eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate

ELT ethanol lock therapy

EN enteral nutrition, tube feeding

EOB explanation of benefits

eos eosinophil

ER emergency room

ESBL extended spectrum beta-lactamases, a trait of drug resistant bacteria

Exp expires, expiration


FDA Food and Drug Administration

Fe iron

FI fecal incontinence

FK the study drug abbreviation for Prograf, or tacrolimus

fluoro fluroscopy

FMLA Family Medical Leave Act

FMT fecal microbial transplant or fecal microbiotica transplant

Fr french, referring to french size, a measurement of the diameter of a medical tube


g gram


G tube, GT gastrostomy tube

GEDSA Global Enteral Device Supplier Association

gent gentamycin

GERD gastroesophogeal reflux disease

GKTW Give Kids the World charity

GLP glucagon-like peptide

GI, gastrointestinal, or gastroenterologist

GJ tube gastrojejunal tube

GP general practitioner

GVHD graft versus host disease


HCl hydrochloric acid

HEN home enteral nutrition: tube feeding received at home

HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HPEN home parenteral and enteral nutrition

HPN home parenteral nutrition

HR heart rate

Ht height


I&O input and output, intake and output

IBS irritable bowel syndrome

ICU intensive care unit

ICV ileocecal valve

ID infectious disease

IEP individualized education plan

IF intestinal failure

IFALD intestinal failure-associated liver disease:

IHP individualized healthcare plan

II intestinal insufficiency

IJ internal jugular

IL intralipid

ILE lipid injectable emulsion

IM intramuscular

in inch

IR interventional radiology

IRP intestinal rehabilitation program

ITx intestinal transplant

IV intravenous, often referring to an intravenous catheter or intravenous infusion

IVC interior vena cava

IVF intravenous fluids, or in vitro fertilization


j-tube jejunostomy tube


K potassium

kcal kilocalorie, calorie

KCl potassium chloride

kg kilogram

kilo kilogram

KVO keep vein open


L liter

LADleur-activated device

lb pound

LCSW licensed clinical social worker

LCT long-chain trigycerides

LGI lower GI

LFT liver function tests

LILT longitudinal intestinal lengthening and tailoring, also known as the Bianchi procedure

LPN licensed practical nurse

LR lactated ringers


MA medical assistant

mag magnesium

MAW Make-a-Wish

mcg microgram

MCT medium-chain triglycerides

MD medical doctor

med medication, medical

mEq milliequivalent

mL milliliter

mOsmol milliosmols

mg milligram

MRI magnetic resonance imaging

MRSA methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a drug resistant bacteria

MVI multivitamin (injectable)

MVTx multivisceral transplant


Na sodium

NaCl sodium chloride

NEC necrotizing enterocolitis

NG tube, NGT nastogastric tube

NICU neonatal intensive care unit

NP nurse practitioner

NS normal saline

NPO nil per oral


O2 oxygen

OD occlusive dressing

OIC ostomy-in-continuity

OG tube orogastric tube

OM omegaven

ORS oral rehydration solution

OT occupational therapy, occupational therapist

OTC over-the-counter

oz ounce


PA primary anastamosis, or physician's assistant

PBF peptide-based formula

PCP primary care physician

peds pediatrics

PEG tube percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

pH a measure of acidity

PharmD doctor of pharmacy

phos phosphorus

PICC peripherally inserted central catheter

PIR pediatric intestinal rehabilitation

PIV peripheral IV

PIVC peripheral intravenous catheter

PICU pediatric intensive care unit

PPN peripheral parenteral nutrition

PN parenteral nutrition, often used in reference to PPN

PNAC parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis

PO per oral, referring to food or medications given orally

P/N on product packaging, part number

post op post operation, after operation

PPE personal protective equipment

prn per registered nurse, to be given as needed, or as determined by the nurse

PS parenteral support

PT physical therapy, physical therapist

PTLD post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder

PTSD post traumatic stress disorder

Px prognosis


Q(number), like Q6 or Q12 every, each (quaque), this abbreviation refers to frequency. The number refers to a number of hours.

QD prescribed to be given daily

QID four times a day

QoL quality of life


RA right atrium

RBC red blood count

RD registered dietician

Rev. revision (usually accompanies P/N, part number)

rehab rehabilitation

RMHC Ronald McDonald House Charities

RMS red man syndrome

RN registered nurse

RPh registered pharmacist

RRT rapid response team

Rx prescription


sats oxygen saturation

SBBO small bowel bacterial overgrowth

SCFA short-chain fatty acid

SIBO small intestine bacterial overgrowth

SBS short bowel syndrome

SC subcutaneous

Se selenium

SICU surgical intensive care unit

SILT spiral intestinal lengthening and tailoring, a bowel lengthening surgery

SIS small intestine stenosis

SGS short gut syndrome

SLP speech-language pathology, or speech language pathologist, also known as speech therapy.

SMOF a IV lipid made of soybean oil, medium-chain triglycerides, olive oil, and fish oil

SOT solid organ transplant

SpO2 pulse oxygen saturation (pulse oximetery)

SQ subcutaneous, or under the skin

SSDI Social Security disability insurance

SSI Supplemental Security Income

staph staphylococcus, a type of bacteria

STEP serial transverse enteroplasty, a bowel lengthening surgery.

SubQ subcutaneous, or under the skin

surg surgical

SVC superior vena cava, the major vessel through which all other blood vessels enter the heart


T-EDTA tetrasodium EDTA, or tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

TCHD total colonic hirshprung's disease

T-CICC tunnelled centrally inserted central catheter

tech technician

temp temperature

TID three times a day

tPA Tissue plasminogen activator, or alteplase

TPN total parenteral nutrition

TX treatment, or transplant

Tx transplant


UDI unique device identifier

UGI upper gastrointestinal

US ultrasound


VAD vascular access device

vanc, vanco vancomycin, an antibiotic

VFS vancomycin flushing syndrome

VRP viral panel



WBC white blood cell (count)

WOC wound ostomy and continence

Wt weight


Zn zinc

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