Short Gut Syndrome Patient, Family & Professional Support Groups


This website and the Short Gut Syndrome Family Support Groups were created to offer information, connection and hope to families of children living with short gut syndrome. What started small as a local support group and online message board has grown into an large online community. The concept from the beginning has been simple: families supporting families. The strength and quality of our group is in its members and the way they support one another.

As our group has grown, so too has it's influence and reputation. I'm excited that with this revision of our website we announce a new Facebook group dedicated to improving collaboration not just with families but with all members of the short gut syndrome community.

This website and the associated groups are intentionally unaffiliated with any business or organization in order to provide an unbiased platform to exchange information and find support. I am the author of this website and the creator and administrator of our Facebook groups. I offer these resources to help families like mine and those who serve them. I do not have formal medical training, though I have put significant time and effort into learning and have a lot of experience with short gut syndrome in my own household.

My life has been richly blessed by the short gut syndrome community and I am privileged to give back. I hope you'll find community, answers, friendship, and most of all hope here.

Emily Hoopes
creator, group admin, and mom

ragged teddy bear with patches on tummy and head

My Teddy

My teddy's my best friend, without a doubt
His side is stitched up and some stuffing's come out.
He's missing a button and some fur on his tail
But those things don't matter, I love him so well.

He's faithful. He's happy. He helps dry my tears.
He patiently bears being hung by his ears.
He's rough round the edges, but deep down he's great.
I can't help but love him, with all of his scrapes.

Like I love my teddy, my mommy loves me
For all that I am, and for all I can be.
I may be beat up, even missing some parts
But I know she still loves me with all of her heart.

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