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Swimming, Travel, & Other How To's


Resources: Swimming with IV Nutrition/Tube Feedings | Oley Foundation Website article

Swimming with CVCs and G Tubes yeah or nay? | Oley Conference Presentation slides

Going with the flow or swimming against the tide: Should children with central venous catheters be allowed to go swimming? | NIH Medical journal article

Swimming, Traveling, and Camping | article

Healthy Swimming | CDC article with links to water quality monitoring

Beaches | Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website with links to beach water quality monitoring

General Travel Tips

Traveling With Home TPN is Now a Reality | Nutrishare article

Air Travel

Screening for Passengers Who Require Medically Necessary Liquids | Oley Foundation Website article

Screening for Passengers with Medical Devices (ie, Catheters, Tubes, and Ports) | Oley Foundation Website article

TSA Travel Tips Tuesday - Traveling With Medication | Oley Foundation Website article

TSA Disabilities and Medical Conditions | TSA article

TSA Cares Patient Support |TSA contact information, video

TSA Traveling with Children, Formula, Breastmilk, Juices and Purees | TSA article

Swimming, Traveling, and Camping | article

The Ultimate Guide to Flying with TPN Series Part 1: Plan and Prep | Patient website & blog article 1 in 3 part series


Cruising for Adventure | Oley Foundation Website article

Central Line Travelers Facebook Group private group

The Complete Guide to Cruising With a Disability | article

Accessible Cruising | Royal Caribbean webpage

Guests with Disabilities | Carnival webpage

Services for Guests with Disabilites | Disney Cruise Line webpage

Guests with Disabilities FAQ: special diets | Disney Cruise Line webpage

Accessibility Assistance | Norwegian Cruise Line webpage

Accessible Cruises | Celebrity Cruises webpage

Pre-Cruise FAQ | Princess Cruise Line webpage

Restaurants and Dining

I Can Eat in Restaurants! | Oley Foundation Website article

Hiking, Camping & Summer Camps

Keep It Cool! Food Storage Tips to Survive Summer | by Avanos Medical

#TubieTalk: Medically Complex Summer Camps + Camping | Sentido Health article

List of Summer Camps | Oley Foundation Website website

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