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Enteral Feeding

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Small Enteral Feeding Pumps
By: Emily H          (9:31 AM 05/01/2010)
We use the Enteralite Infinity pump. I know a mother looking for something smaller, though. When we were in Seattle they used a tiny little orange syringe pump. Anyone know what that's called?
Re: Small Enteral Feeding Pumps
By: Tifernenny          (3:01 PM 05/16/2010)
We use the kangaroo pump. it is small light weight and comes in a small back pack with a place to put the bag in the backpack.
By: Tifernenny          (2:58 PM 05/16/2010)
Does anyone have a sugestion on how to keep the granulation down on the G-tube. We have tried putting in a smaller tube and are continuously putting on triamcinolone cream on the site but since he has started crawling it has just gotten worse.
Re: Granulation
By: Emily H          (3:18 PM 05/16/2010)
Are you doing anything to secure the button or tube? I've found that the more Patrick's button hold still, the less granulation tissue we have. So, we use a drain sponge to make the button a tight fit and mefix to tape the button down really securely. You might even consider taping the tube itself to Josh while he sleeps so it doesn't wiggle.

My theory is that the more the tube moves while your child moves around (crawling, rolling, sleeping), the more the body tries to heal and overdoes it with granulation tissue.
Re: Granulation
By: Chloé           (4:03 AM 05/26/2015)
I use Calmoseptine from Walmart. Very inexpensive. My daughter use to have granulation all the time. I used to use triamcinolone every day before switching to Calmoseptine. I also tape the gtube down and secure with her diaper well.
By: Renee          (8:43 AM 05/20/2010)
Granulation tissue is always a problem. We finally got our doctor to give us some silver nitrate. I put some lidocaine around the site and let it work for about 20 minutes or so and then I burn the granulation tissue off with the silver nitrate sticks. In two years I have only had to do this two or three times. We also use a split sponge and Mefix tape to hold it tight and secure. I usually just put a little Neosporin on a q-tip and rub it around the G-tube button daily after batheing. My son likes the way the Neosporin makes it feel, it doesn't necessarily help with the granulation problem, he reminds me to put it on, so I do. My little boy is three years old. Hope this info helps.
Re: Granulation
By: punam          (2:31 PM 09/27/2010)
there is a product called aquacel to replace the silver nitrate which is so tricky to use as it can burn the surrounding skin. aquacell is like a cloth strip which you can roll around the stoma site.
By: courtneyd          (12:18 PM 01/21/2011)
There are some fabulous products out there, one of them is called Button Buddies. You can find them online at They go in between the G-tube button and the skin and they are fun for all ages. The other that has made a huge impact on my sons G-tube are what we call "belly bands". They are made out of a breathable nylon material that is soft and quick drying with velcroe on it and we just wrap it around his whole belly and it keeps the G-tube from getting bumped and rubbed which causes the granulation. We had our OT sew the belly bands for us. These two things have been HUGE for my son, I hope they help some of you too!
By: greenbergcr          (12:20 PM 03/09/2015)
I have found that other than keeping the site dry with the button pads and moister barrier after eating and bathing(anytime it gets wet) that using triamcinolone cream only once during the day and using the moister barrier cream the other times, especially at night seems to help. Otherwise the triamcinolone seems too strong and doesn't seem to give enough healing time. Then when it is out of control and to get it back to baseline the silver nitrate is great. I hadn't heard of the aquacel yet, thanks. The single most helpful thing for us was to not leave her extension attached unless feeding, it took us a bit to figure that out after she wasn't on constant feeds any longer.
By: lily          (12:44 AM 07/04/2015)
To prevent granulation tissue from forming, we change g tube dressing twice a day. Each time, we rotate the g tube so it's never pressing in the same position. We also put desitin on the skin so that any gastric juices that leak out won't affect the skin. Even then, the g tube site is always a little red.

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