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Vitamin Problems

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Vitamin Problems
By: Cooper's Dad          (7:48 AM 05/27/2015)
Our son Cooper is 4-1/2 months old (adjusted), he has about 55cm of small bowel and 20cm of large after having NEC at 3 weeks old. We are still in the hospital. He is getting vitamins thru his g-tube every 6 hours and as soon as they hit his stomach he vomits them up. He is getting 0.25mL of aquadeks and 0.50mL of iron. They are talking about putting the vitamins in his elecare and letting it go in thru the kangaroo pump over 4 hours with his continuous feeds to maybe help prevent this from happening. I have a feeling that this will just cause him to vomit continually instead of just once every 6 hours. If any of you have dealt with this please let us know if there is a better solution. We requested that he not have them at all because he vomits so much and feels horrible afterward. He is only on 18mL/hr of elecare now and he vomits a lot of that up when his vitamins come up. They told us that not giving them wasn't an option and that he was required to have the A,D,K and other essential vitamins one way or the other. I feel like there has to be a better way of him getting his vitamins.
By: lily          (12:31 AM 07/04/2015)
Multivitamins and iron can be hard on the stomach. Does he get any bolus feeds? I give those 2 meds only after there has been enough milk in my kid's system. Giving low dose continuously isn't a bad idea.

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