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February 27, 2010
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Developmental Delays in Teenages

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Teenager with history of short gut
By: md131s          (1:30 PM 03/04/2011)
My daughter been struggling through school since the very beginning. I am looking for insight to what might be going on. She's been diagnosed with ADD which I believe she had since she was 1. It explains all the outburst, temper tantrum, self injurous behavior and other defiant behavior she had as a toddler.

Sometimes I believe she is having difficulties in school from vitamin deficiencies. Her doctors, for some reason are not concerned with nutrition because my daughter is a normal weight, but her B12 runs alittle on the low side.

Also, my sister in-law nephew had short gut and she says that he's had the same issues in school when he was younger.

Anyone out there having the same issues?


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