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Conflicting Doctors

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What do I do?
By: Nick's_Mom          (5:52 PM 02/10/2011)
OK, so if you read my introduction, we've been having some problems lately with my son's bacterial overgrowth, leading to dehydration, in return leading to low CO2. I love his GI doc...... but his ideas just don't seam to be working. As a desperate mother, I wrote to many GI pediatric specialists..... a few of whom have called me. One in OH, (we're in CA) wants to see us as soon as possible. I told him of our appointment yesterday and our new "game plan"..... he pretty much disagrees with 90% of it! I can see the points of why he disagrees... they make sense! But while we're working out plane tickets, medical records, insurance....... whose advice do I follow this week?

His regular GI wants us to stop hydration this weekend.... and "see" what happens. ??? I feel like this is setting us up for another relapse. granite, he's on a new probiotic (which the new dr disagrees with)..... uggg.... not really sure what to do. What if I stop, and it lands us in the hospital.... can't make it to OH like that!

Your the Advocate
By: Marcy          (8:08 AM 02/11/2011)
When it comes right down to it your opinion matters and your the voice for your child. It is confusing when Doctors arent on the same page and have differing views. Try and stay open minded and listen to all views. Then make the decision that fits your child best. After meetings with many doctors my husband and I always sat down and made the best decision for our daughter Jordyn. Then we told the Doctors what we wanted to try. Afterall we are the ones who are with these children day in and day out so we actually DO know best. We dont have the Medical training a Doctor may have, but once informed we are more then capable of making medical decisions. I say a second opinion or a fresh set of eyes looking at a situation is always good. And your Doctor should respect that and encourage it. They shouldnt feel insulted when we do our research and are willing to try something new for our child......I say get on the plane and have your child in the most stable position as possible for your trip.

By: Marcy          (8:10 AM 02/11/2011)

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