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continual vomiting

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hannah wilson
By: lwilso38          (8:32 PM 01/21/2011)
Hello my name is lindsay and my daughters name is hannah. She is having continual vomiting and large (1000 cc a day)output in her g tube. We though maybe her jtube was out of place but it isnt. Now they have to brain storm what possibly could be wrong. Anyone been through something similar or have any suggestions on what could possibly be going on? Please email me at

thank you
Re: hannah wilson
By: Greg          (12:53 AM 04/06/2014)
Most likely stricturing (narrowing) at an intestinal surgical site. We had an additional surgery for these early on, and possibly could need another later. They are waiting to see if the growth of the bowel in diameter might make it unnecessary. They can examine with a contrast study to look for narrowing which is noninvasive. They also tell us that the pyloric valve might not be closing completely, although I'm not sure how it could with the J tube running through the opening.
Same here
By: Hollii23          (8:31 PM 01/02/2013)
My little boy is like that at the minute and I'm wanting the hospital to see if its a blockage or narrowing in the bowel x
By: MrsFitz          (9:35 AM 01/04/2013)
My daughter was born with ileal atreasa. She had a dialted bowel and it was not connected at a point. We was throwing up every feed and them some she is not 4 months old and she does stil throw up but not the green bile stuff it more now an orange tinge collor. He problam and why she throws up is be cause she has slow motility in her intestins. so where it is slow food will pool and then finaly she will vomit. I wouls ask to do an upper GI. She had what is called a zig zag surgery to make her dialated bowel smaller so she had like 50 staples in her. It will get better and I have been told this many times but it is the truth "it takes time". It sometimes seems like things will never get better but this is the fact that we will deal with these things for years so we have to accept it. compalin and cry when we want becuase it ok to vent and then we move on .

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