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How do you prevent and treat diaper rash caused by Short Gut Syndrome?
By: Emily H          (12:52 PM 01/31/2010)
This is a topic that has already been discussed somewhat in our message board, but it's one of the most frequently searched topics on our board. So - for our Spring 2010 newsletter, please share what you've done to prevent and treat diaper rash.

Your answers may be published in our newsletter
orabase a convatec product
By: becky          (2:08 PM 10/30/2010)
Its fantastic! Applied as a paste to excoriated areas it has always worked wonders for Joseph, and usually within 24 hours. Obviously the regular nappy changing is one of the most crucial ways to prevent it but sometimes it's just not possible to change him as much as he needs to be changed to prevent the extremely acidic poop being held against his skin (at times I've been changing Joseph every 15 minutes for hours on end!) We've been very lucky that the orabase has always prevented the nappy rash becoming too severe to treat. When his skin is in good shape, which is most of the time, I use metanium at every nappy change as a barrier. So far so good.
scar tissue
By: dgrubbs          (12:23 PM 08/24/2011)
I have a son who has short gut syndrome. He is now 20 years old. In the last two years he has had to two surgeries to remove scar tissue. Does anyone know how to prevent this?I am lookin to find a good doctor in the Cincinnati area. He is now an adult. Thanks for any information. Diane Grubbs

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