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February 27, 2010
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Formatting issues in thie forum
By: Emily H          (9:46 AM 11/12/2009)
I'm aware that at present there are a couple of formatting quirks in our little forum. Apostrophes and quotation marks appear with a \ in front of them.. which I hope to correct soon. Also, messages are limited to 2000 characters. Messages longer than this will be truncated. As soon as time allows, we'll do what we can to fix these problems. Thanks for your patience.
All fixed.
By: Brian          (10:27 PM 11/12/2009)
Emily got this corrected. Sitting next to me watching me type... :)

The \'s are gone.

I'm sure someone will hit the max on the post someday, but I think they would have to type for a while to get there.
Some other new features
By: Emily H          (7:21 AM 11/13/2009)
What my oh so humble husband failed to mention is that he also made a few tweaks to make it easier to keep up on conversations. He added a "last post" field to the list of categories, and a link to view the last 20 posts. Hopefully this will make it easier for all to know when new messages have been posted.
Deleted categories
By: Emily H          (10:11 PM 01/31/2010)
In order to keep the message boards a bit more organized, I've moved a few posts into some broader categories and deleted extra or empty categories. Hopefully this doesn't create too much confusion as you look back for previous posts.
New Category suggestion
By: Renee          (8:46 AM 05/20/2010)
Emily, perhaps we need a category for GI bleeds. I posted info a few days ago about our experiences in the past and now we are facing our 5th GI bleed in anout a year. There is so much unknown about them so perhaps as we get more experience and info, this would be a good place to put this information. Thank you for all you and your husband does for the web site. It really has been a source of support for us, we really appreciate you!!!

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