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February 27, 2010
10:30 a.m.

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Carsen is crawling!
By: charlyn          (10:31 PM 02/28/2011)
Carsen was born with a perforated bowel and a psuedocyst on his liver. He's had bleeding and gut problems since. It's just exciting to him progress so much! He's been crawling on his hands and knees for about a week (Got him to skip combat crawling because of his tubes) and he's already trying to stand in his crib! Yea, he's 14 months old and he's just now crawling, but it's still HIS milestone! YAY!! If only he can say mama.. lol.
Nothing holds her back
By:           (2:50 PM 05/31/2012)
Sata has been through way more than i have in my whole 24 years of living.She doesn't let anyone or anything hold her down. she is very active,Super smart, and loving. We recently were out having dinner and she seen a toddler a little younger than her that had an NG of course i saw and she said momma can i go talk to him so we walked over after our meal and she just wanted to tell him she had one to one time, and lifted her shirt and showed him her G button.He turned around so fast to show his mom her belly because he had one too... I love how this whole experience has opened her heart and mind to except everyone nomatter what.

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