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Preventing infection
By: Emily H          (7:51 PM 05/20/2010)
We've had a request for discussion about how to minimize line infections. I know this is something we all battle, and sometimes infections make it through, no matter how careful we are. But knowledge is power - so let's talk about how to prevent infection. What methods to you use when handling the line, dressing changes, etc. to keep the line sterile? Are you using other preventative techniques like treatments for bacterial overgrowth, ethanol or vancomycin locks, or some other method? What's worked? What doesn't?
Infection prevention
By: artzyjen          (3:35 PM 08/02/2010)
Wanted to share something new we are trying. My son's gastroenterologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center said they are going to conduct a study on this soon as they've had great success thus far.

My son has a single lumen Broviac, so what we've been doing in addition to ethanol locks is to alcohol down and wrap a tegaderm around the connections into the Broviac (i.e. tpn/antibiotics/etc.) For little ones still in diapers especially, it seems that bacteria may be seeping in through those connections and causing infections.

In one case, a child who had been having nearly constant line infections has now had a year and a half of zero infections- all since wrapping the line connections with a tegaderm!

And though we've only been doing this a little over a month, he's gone a full month with no problems with the line thus far. (He's on his fifth central line due to numerous infections and had been in the hospital every month this year for various problems, except for this last month.)

Re: Infection prevention
By: Emily H          (11:49 AM 08/04/2010)
What an interesting idea! And how exciting to hear that it's having success. Although I have been a bit flaky about it this summer, we do have a newsletter with this group and I'm always looking for good ideas to share with our families.

If you think your doctor would be interested, I'd be happy to publish information about this technique in an upcoming newsletter. Feel free to share our website and contact information.
Vancomycin Flushes-No More Infections!
By: Renee          (3:16 PM 02/08/2011)
After 29 central lines and serious infections every week to ten days, my doctors at Primary Children's decided to try something unique. We flush Aaron's central line with Saline as usual but now we use a Vancomycin flush to lock the line. The concentration is 5 mg/ml and we use 3cc's to sit in his line between uses. Unlike with the ethanol flushes, we have not had a problem with the lines clotting. I am happy to report we have gone nearly 3 years on a single central line (broviac)without a single infection! If central lines and infections is not your idea of fun, ask your Doctor to try this. It has been an answer to prayers and it's working!!!My son is now four years old and it still is doing great.
Re: Vancomycin Flushes-No More Infections!
By:           (8:36 PM 02/21/2013)
What a great idea!!! Thanks!!!

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