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Tools of the Trade-Product Review
Vygon Lectro-Spiral Coiled IV Extension Sets

Vygon’s Lectro Spiral Coiled IV Extension Sets are designed to minimize accidental pulling on a central line while infusing. The sterile, curly shaped tubing is added as an extension to other IV tubing. This means you attach it between the clave and all other IV tubing.

The good:

The longest size tubing adds nearly 10 feet of length to your child’s IV tubing. The spring-like design makes it much harder to accidentally pull on a line, cutting down on broken and dislodged lines. The curly design extends tubing length, allowing children to crawl or walk farther from their infusion pumps, but curls back up to a shorter length when carrying them close. This design also gives much needed slack for restless sleepers who get wrapped up their tubes. Shorter lengths are also available for those who want protection without added length.

The bad:

Like a slinky, this tubing does get tangled in itself or other tubing easily, especially filters. The largest tubing has a capacity of 8 cc’s. Therefore, multiple infusions Y’ed in will mix longer outside the body before being infused. Ask your pharmacist if this will be a problem. Also, you may want to flush this tubing before disconnecting so TPN and medicines are not wasted.

Overall impressions:

An innovative solution to broken lines, dislodged lines, and phlebitis that result when lines are pulled. Provides much needed freedom, especially for active toddlers who are too small to wear a backpack. This tubing is not a cure-all. Kids can still crawl or walk to the end of it or get tangled, so you’ll still need to keep a watchful eye, but it does make the job easier.

Product details:

Manufacturer: Vygon Corporation

Product number: Varies depending on length. See website:

Where to buy:

Ask your infusion pharmacy to order this tubing for you. Some stock it regularly, for others it’s a special order item.

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